Just stop. Take a break and be gentle with yourself.  This has become a mantra in my life.

In recent years, the pace of my life sped up quite dramatically.  My middle child was involved in a serious car accident that nearly killed her, gave her a permanent brain injury, and put her children into my care full time.  My relationship with my partner was rocky, and my new found hairdressing business was just that new and not making  much money.

The truth of the world in which we exist is that we are not in control. We cannot control our partner getting mad at us, we cannot control our kids rude behaviour (maybe we can, but that is another article), nor can we  control our work schedule. But there is one thing in our world that we do control — OURSELVES and that  is a powerful place.

When things around you seem like they are crashing in, it is normally an indication that you need to give yourself a moment to revitalize and go within. That does not have to mean a deep Zen moment in the middle of your crisis but simple tangible self ‘love ups’ can go a long way to helping you get through whatever is creating the stress in your life.

In those chaotic moments where I did not know what to do and had no budget to do much with, I turned to these simple, practical steps.

  • Candle Love:  At the end of the day my nerves were completely shot. My brain would feel overloaded and I often felt like I could not absorb one more thing.  I was tired and worn out from running behind my two little grandkids who were 3 and 5 at the time. I found that turning off the overhead white lights and striking up a scented candle helped me relax.  Aroma therapy is a noted and effective way to relieve stress.  Scent can be used to boost our immune system and to reduce mental fatigue.
  •  Netflix and Chill Time: Survival meant carving out time to just be able to go into another world. When the situation felt intense and too difficult, it was in those times that I would switch on the the TV, the computer, or the laptop and go into someone else’s world.  It might have been to listen to a comedian crack some crude joke. It might have been into  a fantasy world like Game of Thrones, but it was always about saving my sanctity to live for another day.
  • Soothing Drinks: I found a love for coffee and soothing teas like ginger and honey. There is something to be said about holding your favourite mug and filling it with the warm and scintillating blend of a fresh brew. I developed a  routine by inviting one of the ladies from the kids bus stop over for a cup with me in the morning and it provided a place for the both of us to find a bit of solace before we had to go on and start our day.
  • Facial Love:  5 minutes before I got into the shower, whether it was day or nighttime, I found it easy to reach over and find some peace in this simple self care ritual. My favourite go to is still Epson salts with a drop of lavender essential oil added to it, but I do use other commercial scrubs to add a bit of flavour!  Taking the time to spend with myself, in care for myself brought me to a special place. Music Love: Music is said to calm even the wildest beast. I know that for me it calms my soul. Turning on the Isley Bros, or Tone Toni and Tony works every time to put my mood in a good place.

Most of the time didn’t even know I was trying to soothe myself. I started to recognize it over time how greatly each little attempt helped improve my state of mind. I started to realize that those little pick me ups mattered.  I realized that in that place of caring for myself I was putting back in the moments that would allow me to look after the other people in my life.

What do you do?

What are your self care tips? What do you do to take a moment when you are feeling anxious?  I would love to hear your thoughts and solutions.  I am always open to learning something new!

Comment below, lets share together.

I am also offering a free infographic online with these handy tips that you can print and use as a handy bookmark! Just click the link included here for this helpful reminder.

Oh, one last thing!….  My new course, Love In to Love Up, will be launching soon! This course is centered on centering YOU.  It is a journey into finding out who you are so that you can offer your best self front and center to the world.

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